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The fat removal solution with no downtime – and results backed by science

If you have struggled in the past with various weight loss remedies, but never seen the results you wanted, you don’t have to turn to surgery to get those results. LypoFreez results may be just what you are looking for. This innovative fat freezing treatment is professionally backed and certified to be a safe and entirely non-invasive way to remove those stubborn pockets of body fat that many of us struggle with.

Using advanced engineering and a physician-certified procedure, our LypoFreez machines use controlled cooling to freeze fat cells without damaging the skin or any other tissue. The frozen fat cells die and are then flushed harmlessly from your body, decreasing the number of fat cells permanently, and leaving you with less bulk, for less work!

This non-invasive, fat freezing procedure has been shown to be especially effective for use on the following body areas:

  • On the lower tummy
  • Flank or love handle area
  • The lower side of your upper arms
  • Thighs, both inside and outside
  • The upper back area, the bra area on women
  • The under side of the buttocks
  • Under the chin

So whether you are wanting to lose your love handles or get rid of that belly or double chin, state-of-the-art fat freezing machine offers an efficient and non-damaging way to destroy that stubborn fat that doesn’t respond well to exercise or dieting. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Taylor will work with you to provide a treatment plan designed exactly for your needs.

With this efficient, non-surgical procedure, you can tailor your body with no downtime. Because there is no cutting, sucking, or surgery involved, you can look and feel your best without the recovery time of surgery. Just let us freeze the fat away for visible and long-lasting results. It’s not magic. Just science going to work for you.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Taylor and his staff are friendly and helpful. Despite the fact that I had the procedure done out of state, he helped me with my problems!

Innovative New Machine

Our LypoFreez machine is the most advanced of its kind, featuring uniquely shaped handles designed to collect more volume at each treatment area, and 360 degrees of cooling power. We are set apart from the competition by a unique heating cycle to begin the treatment, which allows for better suction and separation of the fat tissue. All of these design benefits mean you can expect a more effective treatment every time!


Common Questions

Who can get the lypofreez procedure?

Almost anyone can benefit from the procedure! But the ideal candidate is someone who is already close to their ideal weight and working on those pockets of fat that need a little extra help to get rid of.

When can I go back to my normal activities?

As soon as your procedure is done! There is no downtime after a procedure. You may experience a little bit of redness or swelling, but will be able to return to your day as soon as you leave the office. Burning fat on your lunch break has never been so easy!

How many treatments will I need?

Many people see noticeable results after just 1 treatment, but depending on the contouring you desire, more treatments may be required. You will talk with our experts on a plan just for you.

Will I see results right away?

You will see results as the destroyed fat cells start to be flushed from your body – normally this becomes visible after about a month, with the best results visible after 3-4 months.

Are the results permanent?

The fat cells that are destroyed during the procedure will never ‰ › regrow‰ ›Â! The remaining fat cells in the area can expand if weight gain happens again in the future, so a healthy lifestyle is the best way to make sure you maintain the benefits of the contouring provided.

We provide a treatment tailored just for you.

No matter what you need, we will make sure all your fat freezing needs are met. Multiple sessions? Multiple locations treated at the same time at one session? We have you covered for all of it! Send us an email or give us a call, and we’ll arrange a time for you to come in and talk with our experts about getting you the treatment and deal tailored to exactly meet your needs.

If you are looking for a fat freezing treatment offering satisfaction, quality, and value, you’ve come to the right place. Come talk to us today and let us custom fit a body-contouring program just for you!

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